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Creating the next generation of young and driven entrepreneurs.

 Learn From the Best

Get the best guidance and support from industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs that want to groom the next generation of entrepreneurs.  These experts contribute resources including digital materials, audio, video, and live training.

 Online Learning

Access an online learning environment where you will learn how to build and grow your business.  Access your resources anywhere that you have a computer and internet access.  Network, build, and grow even with your busy lifestyle! 

 Learn Easy

Whether you have already dabbled in business or you are a brand new entrepreneur, the resources available will meet you where you are at so you can continue to learn how to network, build, and grow. 

 Personal Development

Successful entrepreneurs learn how to grow personally as well as professionally.  You will have the resources to improve YOURSELF while you network, build and grow your BUSINESS. 

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Delta Entrepreneurs

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NETWORK:  Learn how to network with other entrepreneurs and industry leaders as you build and grow your business.  By networking with others, you will learn best practices and gain knowledge to move your business forward faster than if you did it all alone.

BUILD:  Learn how to find the perfect product and then build your business around that product by creating your website, setting up your email marketing, and driving traffic to your website.  

GROW:  Learn digital marketing, business management, and personal development so you can continue to grow your business based on the knowledge you have learned.  Master multiple marketing streams to build bigger than you ever imagined.

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of Business Fail in the first 18 months*


of All US Business are Sole Proprietorships**


of Entrepreneurs Start their Business from Home***


of Business Owners are Under 35 Years Old***


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